The contest called for her to guess the animal she was petting at the petting zoo, but she never expected it to be live cockroaches.

The Two By Two Petting Zoo stopped by the Boris and Robyn show with an array of exotic animals. We thought it would be fun to blindfold Robyn to see if she could guess what animals she was petting.

Things took an ugly turn, however, when we filled her hands with live cockroaches. At first Robyn thought they were salamanders or some other cute and cuddly creature. As she kept guessing incorrectly, however, she became more nervous. When the cockroaches were finally revealed her reaction was priceless:

The Two by Two Petting Zoo will be set up a this year's North East Outdoor Sports Show in Rhinebeck on May 20 and 21. And don't worry, they have some really cute animals too, like the ones Robyn got to pet below: