If you live in the Hudson Valley, chances are known about the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz.  It was built in 1869 by Albert Smiley and run by the family for generations.  Current president and CEO Bert Smiley is now retiring after 28 years.  An article written in the New Paltz Times online, talks about Smiley and how he became president.

Smiley had sat on the board of directors for Mohonk since 1969, Albert Smiley was his great grand uncle.  From the beginning, the establishment had been managed by family, until the 1980’s when the resort was turned over to and outside management company.  Well, that move didn’t work out so well.

In 1990, Bert Smiley was enlisted to become president and chief executive.  Both him and his wife, would leave their jobs in Washington DC.  Bert was an economist int eh antitrust division of the Department of Justice.  His wife, Nina, left her public relations firm to join her husband.

Smiley is being replaced the next generation.  Tom Smiley has been appointed CEO, and Eric Gullickson will be president.  Both men are fifth generation Smiley family members.  Tom has already been part of the management team since 2003.  Eric has been on the team since 2010.  Bert will still be involved by sitting on the board of directors.