Weather forecasters are predicting the possibility of isolated tornadoes in certain areas of the Hudson Valley today. Now is the time to prepare.

According to the National Weather Service, conditions are ripe for some violent weather on Monday afternoon. Strong winds, rain, hail, and possible tornadoes are all on the table as this unstable weather pattern makes its way through the Hudson Valley.

We've seen several tornadoes touch down in the Hudson Valley over the past few years, so it's not out of the question that we could see some dangerous weather activity today. That's why experts say it's important to make sure you're prepared now before the weather turns nasty.

First of all, it's important to identify when a possible tornado is approaching. According to the CDC, these are the signs to watch for.

  • A dark or green-colored sky
  • A large, dark, low-lying cloud
  • Large hail
  • A loud roar that sounds like a freight train

Before the tornado even approaches, you and your family should have these four vitally important items prepared and ready to go.

Old Vintage Two Speakers Gray Radio

A portable radio with fresh batteries is essential for receiving the latest emergency weather information. During an intense storm, internet lines and cell service may not work. Being able to stay informed with a radio tuned to a live, local station is a must.

First aid kit. Vector illustration

An emergency kit complete with water, some non-perishable food, and medication should be safely stored and ready to take with you at a moment's notice.


An emergency plan, including access to a safe shelter for your family and pets, is something everyone should have in place before it's too late. Everyone should know to go to the basement or a predetermined inside room without windows on the lowest floor (bathroom, closet, center hallway).

Man with smartphone and tablet computer in restaurant
Adam Radosavljevic

A list of important information, including phone numbers, should be written down in case your phone's battery gives out. Include friends, family, doctors, and local authorities you may need to contact in an emergency situation.

Preparing now for a possible weather emergency can increase your chances of surviving and successfully navigating the after-effects of a tornado or other dangerous situation. Making sure you're ready now will go a long way to keeping you and your family safe.

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