Most people are familiar with the expression "working for the weekend". You work through the entire work week and everyone looks forward to Friday when the work day is over and the weekend can begin. However for one Poughkeepsie man, this past Friday started out on a scary foot; on Friday the 13th no less.

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Poughkeepsie Man Attacked and Robbed

The event in question reportedly took place on Cannon Street in Poughkeepsie, shortly before 10am this past Friday. The victim, who at this point has not been identified, was reportedly attacked and robbed by three individuals in the horrifying event.

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Google Maps

According to reports from News 12: Westchester, the three perpetrators beat the victim and then proceeded to steal his personal belongs he was in possession of at the time and the fled the scene. What items were stolen in the event as of yet has not been disclosed. In addition, it is not clear as of yet what the condition of the victim in the situation is.

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Suspects Arrested in Friday Assault and Robbery

While the incident had only occured on Friday, Poughkeepsie Police were quick to make progress on the case. Over the weekend Poughkeepsie Police were successful in arresting three suspects in connection with the Friday robbery. The suspects were identified as 25-year-old Amari Williams, 27-year-old Timothy Greller and 18-year-old Richard Johnson.


Each of the three suspects has been charged with the crime of robbery. Following the arrest, it was also discovered that the 18-year old Richard Johnson had a warrant out for his arrest. The warrant was issued out of the state of North Carolina and the cause for the warrant reportedly was for "kidnapping".

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The case and situation is still developing and more questions must still be answered. We will continue to do our best in updating this story if or when new information becomes available.

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