Not many people can say that they were in a plane crash.

A Hudson Valley man is lucky to be alive after being involved in an ugly-looking plane crash this weekend.

On Sunday afternoon a small plane carrying three passengers crashed on the runway at Essex County Airport. According to the Fairfield Police Department, the single-plane crash happened just after 2:30 PM and elicited a response from EMS, police and the local fire department.

A 2020 Citation CJ3 Plus was discovered in a drainage brook near one of the runways. When emergency personnel arrived the three occupants were miraculously getting out of the plane on their own. There were no apparent injuries to the passengers or the pilot.

Fairfield Police Deparment
Fairfield Police Department

According to police, the plane was attempting to land when strong crosswinds caused the plane to miss the landing. After touching down briefly, the plane flew into a grassy area next to the runway where it crashed into the drainage brook.

Carlos Rodriguez from Poughkeepsie was among the listed passengers along with Corie Dave Bennet of Danbury and the plane's owner, Edward P. Gregory of Bernardsville, New Jersey.

While there were no injuries, reports say a hazardous materials unit was called in to assist after it was discovered that the plane was spilling jet fuel into the brook.

Being involved in a plane crash was most likely a terrifying experience for all three men, but a story that they can now tell everyone for the rest of their lives.

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