Fox News and other national media outlets are fanning the flames of a heated debate over patriotism and traffic safety within the Arlington Fire District.

This week the Arlington Fire District was ordered by officials to take the flags off the back of their firetrucks. The decision was made by fire officials after they determined the large flags were a liability and could cause a distraction on the road. The full-sized flags were attached to the back of firetrucks and would wave behind the vehicles as they drove down the road.

Some have called the decision unpatriotic, while others point out that there are already flags decorating the firetrucks and that trying to keep the roads safe should be more important.

Mayor Rob Rollison took to Social Media today to try and stop residents from putting his office in the middle of the debate.

A petition was even created on Wednesday, asking the Arlington Fire commissioner to place the flags back on the trucks. The story has gained national attention. Just this morning Fox News was busy covering the story in their own unique way, focusing on the "disgust and outrage" over the decision for firefighters to "remove their pride":

We want to know what you think about the controversy. Do you think the decision to remove the flags is unpatriotic, or should driver safety come first?