We asked the Arlington Fire chief if he thinks the decision forcing him to remove American flags from his fire trucks is anti-American. His answer may surprise you.

There has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding a decision by the board of fire commissioners to remove the flags from the Arlington Fire District's trucks. National news organizations have picked up the story, generating outrage and anger from people all across the country.

But, was the decision made as an attack on America, as many have suggested, or is it simply a question of safety?

Arlington Fire Chief Tory Gallante has been making the rounds on television discussing the controversy. He's publicly dismissed claims that the flags are dangerous or pose a hazard, leaving some to fill in the blanks themselves.

On our Facebook post about the controversy Becky Sprague writes:

This is America. If they have an issue with our American Flag they can pack their bags and get out!!

Frank Martel writes:

To you foreigners, or immigrants,or whatever you call yourselves,dont like it, go back home to where you came from.

J. Eric Pavalock added:

FLY IT!! The "chairman" must be a closet muslim.

Cory French:

The people who ordered it are unpatriotic bitches

We asked Gallante if he shares the thoughts of his supporters who say the decision was anti-American. And if he doesn't, does he have a responsibility to correct his supporters and set the record straight?