Every year around this time I gladly write an article about the Poughkeepsie Farm Project's Annual Soup-A-Bowl. It's an important fundraiser for the PFP, and it's also a fun and tasty community event. I was afraid that the coronavirus pandemic would force the cancellation of this year's Soup-A-Bowl, but I'm happy to say it's still happening. Of course it's a bit different for 2020.

The PFP 13th annual Soup-A-Bowl will be Sunday, Oct. 4, and include over 160 hand-crafted bowls by local potters, raffles, an online virtual event, and more. You will get to do a pick up at the farm with a choice of either pre-made soup by local chefs, or you can bring home farm fresh vegetables and a recipe to make your own. Either way it will be delicious.

You can purchase your tickets to this years Soup-A-Bowl to benefit the Poughkeepsie Farm Project right here, or visit the event facebook page.



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