The Hudson Valley and Catskills started off the week with rain, wind, and even snow in some areas. The passing front brought in much colder air behind it, as temperatures dipped into the 20s across many parts of the area by night.

But as we approach the official start to winter, could another, and even more powerful, storm system be on the way by late weekend into early next week? AccuWeather is calling the forecast "complicated", for a lot of scenarios could take place.

However, if things pan out the way some of the weather models are predicting, areas such as the Hudson Valley could be in for high winds and flooding rains by late Sunday and early Monday.


Nor'easters are very large "extratropical cyclones" that occur in the late fall and winter in the Northeast.

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Usually, the storms originate as a low-pressure area that forms close to the shores between North Carolina and Massachusetts. But while many associate Nor'easters with just snow, very heavy rains, that can cause flooding, are also a component of these powerful storms.

Big Storm On the Way to Parts of New York State?

AccuWeather says that the potential storm all starts with an upper low pressure area in he southwestern U.S., that could combine with an approaching front off the West Coast. Some weather models, including the European models say these systems could merge and strengthen as they travel east.

Once the systems possibly merge they will move into the southeast by late Saturday. The future maps show the system coming together around the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic. This is where it gets very complicated, according to AccuWeather. 

Some models push the potential storm out to the Atlantic, while others are saying it will move straight up the East Coast and into New York and New England by late Sunday into early Monday.

Meteorologists are saying this will probably bring more rain if anything, though areas in the mountains, such as the Catskills and Appalachians, could possible see some snow.

Forecasts say two big factors are the amount of energy the storm could potentially feed off of, and where exactly could it energy steer it? Even if it does make its way into the Northeast, it could stay further east towards New England, thus sparing the Hudson Valley all together.

Of course, we could end up getting little to no rain or snow.

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