I have been checking the High Falls Flea Market’s website a couple of times a week since early April. I was hearing about all these other flea markets opening for the season including Stormville Airport, Beacon Flea Market, Patterson Rotary, but no High Falls. Every time I checked it still said they’re waiting until they are sure it’s safe. I get that, and I respect it. 

But it’s a really good flea market and I couldn’t help wishing that would announce an opening date. Well, the constant checking has paid off. I just found out that the High Falls Flea Market will indeed be opening this year, and May 30 is opening day. Yay!

Not only is the High Falls Flea Market a good one, it’s also in a beautiful area. It’s near New Paltz and Rosendale and surrounded by beauty wherever you look. A trip to the High Falls Flea Market means a beautiful drive, some stops in New Paltz and surrounding towns, maybe even some hiking. And a nice meal at one of Ulster County’s great restaurants. You could even make a whole weekend out of it. There is just so much to do in that area.

The High Falls Flea Market is held every Sunday starting May 30 from 9AM - 3PM in the Scott Daniels Auction and Gallery parking area at 1412 Route 213. They have a wide selection of vendors that sell antiques, jewelry, collectibles, albums, art and a whole lot more. For more information and to find out how to become a vendor for FREE, visit the High Falls Flea Market website.

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