Homeowners Associations are defined as an organization created for the purpose of managing a local community of homes or units. The HOA is given the authority to enforce and manage the development, according to the New York Attorney General. Of course, there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to living in some of these developments, and sometimes disputes can occur.

One New York state man allegedly tried to take matters into his own hands in Manchester Township, Pennsylvania.

Get the Bulldozer! 

WYOU says that when the man's gate card at the Reflection Lakes Owners Association was deactivated over unpaid dues, he allegedly threatened the president of the association. And by threatened, we're talking about bulldozing the person's home to the ground, according to Pennsylvania State Police. Police say he even told a clerk that it didn't matter if "she was inside” her home at the time he planned on flattening it.

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Officials say the 54-year-old man threatened to do the same to other board members when he was done with the HOA president's home. Police in Wayne County arrested the man and charged him with harassment and disorderly conduct.


Hudson Valley Man Bulldozes His Own Home

Remember this odd story from early 2015?

You may remember the Middletown man who bulldozed the house he and his wife shared on Woodland Avenue in January 2015. The independent contractor went and rented an excavator and completely demolished the 900-square-foot ranch home, and everything in it. That also included his wife's personal belongings too. And the thing is his wife and neighbors had absolutely no idea at the time why he did it.

Some neighbors claim the home needed renovations, and the couple had been staying somewhere else before the demolition. The wife was said to have obviously been distraught over losing everything, including many family belongings that can not be replaced. However, the husband was flippant over it, saying "We’re married. It’s a community asset." Neighbors expressed concern that the man not only failed to file for any demolition permits but also didn't notify utilities.

CBS New York reported at the time that the husband was charged with felony criminal mischief.

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