Someone catch that guy!

Authorities say an inmate from New York State escaped their custody after a court appearance and attempted to flee. Officials say the man even had an escape plan.

According to officials, the inmate ran out onto a nearby road and attempted to steal a car that was passing by, with handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit still on.

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New York Man Runs From Custody and Tries to Steal Vehicle 

The Post Standard says that a 40-year-old was able to escape from sheriff’s deputies. Deputies say the inmate appeared at a court date at Utica city court for criminal contempt and harassment charges when the attempted break-out occurred.

The Post Standard says the man was being loaded into a van to be taken back to jail when he ran away.

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Deputies say the escapee tried to enter an SUV when he was tackled and taken back into custody. The Oneida man is now charged with escaping in the second degree, a felony, deputies said.

New York State Police Say Suspect Reached Speeds Over 120 MPH On Thruway

Police say an early morning chase on the New York State Thruway reached extremely dangerous speeds, as a suspect allegedly tried to escape.

According to authorities, this was a case where the pursuit actually had to be called off initially, due to concern over public safety.

New York State Police said in a press release that they attempted to stop a vehicle on I-87 for traffic violations during the early morning of April 17. Troopers say the vehicle refused to pull over, and the pursuit was initiated. State police said the 57-year-old Albany man reached speeds over 120 MPH on the Thruway, during the chase.

New York State police say the man is now being charged with Unlawful Fleeing a Police Officer in a Motor Vehicle in the Third Degree, plus other vehicle and traffic law violations.

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