You thought your relationship had issues? In one of the lowest things we've heard someone pull in a while, a woman right outside the Hudson Valley is accused of stealing a large amount of money from her husband. It took a lot of time and scheming for this plan to hatch too, according to Insider. It was how she was able to convince him that nothing was wrong that's so incredibly messed up about this.

The Washington Post says that the Connecticut woman stole over $600,000 from her husband over the past 20 years. Police say she stole it in the form of pension checks, workers' compensation payments, and Social Security income. What authorities go on to say is quite baffling. The woman was able to commit fraud right under her own husband's nose by convincing him he had Alzheimer's. According to her, he simply didn't remember where the money went.

...she fabricated this scenario to prevent [her husband] from going inside the bank and discovering the low balance in their accounts.

Her plan began to finally unravel when her daughter found paperwork lying around. Insider says the mother was arrested by investigators with the East Haven Police Department, and is being charged with first-degree grand larceny and third-degree forgery.

In other news, NBC says that a former New York state Assemblyman plead guilty Monday to driving while impaired. What makes this somewhat strange is not only did the politician initially blame his own wife for the incident, but he had just penned a column in the paper warned against the dangers of drunk driving just a week earlier.

Court papers said he later admitted to drinking four or five cocktails at a restaurant in Pittsford earlier that night  Court documents from January 2020 said he had actually blamed his wife for the crash, and even told a witness:

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