You talkin' to me?  Well, the person police say broke into a townhouse Monday wasn't doing too much talking, but they were certainly taking stuff that didn't belong to them. Police say a serial burglar broke into an iconic Oscar-winning actor's townhouse early Monday morning as he lay asleep upstairs with his family.

Officials say this Grinch was on a mission, and that mission was to steal Christmas. And from what law enforcement has said to the press, they are very familiar with this particular suspect. Here's your first hint:

Serial Burglar Strikes Goodfella

Sources told PIX 11 that a serial burglar broke into actor Robert De Niro's Manhattan townhouse early Monday, around 2:30 AM. Police say the suspect took wrapped gifts that were under a Christmas tree that was downstairs and placed them into a garbage bag.

The New York Post said police had been watching the 30-year-old woman, who has at least 26 prior arrests (WPIX says 32) - including 16 this year alone for burglary and petit larceny. Police eventually busted the suspect when they followed her into the $69K a month apartment.

She was soon brought into police custody.

Dmitriy Eremenkov
Dmitriy Eremenkov

The Post said the suspect was later seen yelling "I didn't murder anybody!" at reporters as she was led out of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct Monday afternoon.

De Niro and his family are said to be doing okay.

Hamburglar Robs New York McDonald's

Ba da ba ba DUHHH! Police say a real life Hamburgler may have been lovin' it a little too much recently.

Surveillance video shows the alleged robber hop over the counter of the fast food establishment and make off with his stash. But police say it may not have been money he was after in this case. Maybe this guy never had a Happy Meal?

According to this information, there are approximately 655 McDonald's restaurants in New York state.

Suspect Steals Food From McDonald's Restaurant in NY

PIX 11 says a man brandishing a knife entered the McDonald's on East 170th Street the afternoon of December 5. Offcials said Tuesday that the suspect demanded food, before leaping over the counter and threatening employees.

The haul? According to police, the hungry suspect took a 20-piece chicken McNuggets, a 6-piece chicken McNuggets and two McDouble cheeseburgers with him.

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