Police are looking for a suspect they say walked into a local bank with a note demanding cash. CBS says the robbery happened late Saturday morning at a Trustco Bank. Police say they received a silent alarm shortly after the alleged robbery. And while no weapons were displayed, the ordeal has certainly left employees shaken, and now authorities need the public's help locating the suspect.

CBS says the Trusco on Warren Street in Hudson in Columbia County was robbed late Saturday morning. Police say once the suspect got the money he was looking for, he exited the bank through the rear door. It is currently unknown whether he ran on foot, or jumped in a vehicle and drove off from the crime scene. Troopers using a K-9 dog helped comb the area after the robbery to see if they could possibly identify what general direction he may have run off in. Officials are also going through surveillance video as they investigate the matter.

Police say the suspect is around 6 feet tall and looks to be in his 30s. He is light-skinned, has dark hair, a beard, and has an average build. CBS says he was seen wearing a grey hat and a navy blue hoodie with an emblem on his left side chest.

In other news from Rockland County, the New York Post says a hip-hop music video shoot turned into just that; a literal shooting. The Post says that the group had rented a home in New City on Airbnb. Video footage shows a man blowing snow on his property early Saturday afternoon when gunshots can be heard in the distance. The man quickly abandons what he's doing and can be seen running indoors. The Clarkstown Police Department says that they witnessed a black Mercedes fleeing the scene, with five suspects inside. A short chase then ensued, which ended after the Mercedes ran into a utility pole.

Police say all five suspects bolted but were soon arrested with help from deputies from the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department. Officials say that four handguns were recovered during the arrest, with an additional ten uncovered inside the rented home.

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So, we compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in film. This list includes blockbuster hits and independent films too. We hope you enjoy reading through, and learn more about The Hudson Valley and film!

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