Nile monitor lizards are Africa's longest lizard. Some adults can grow to over seven feet long, and feed on small animals like fish, frogs, some birds and small rodents. So what's one doing in upstate New York? Looks like another escaped reptile pet is on the loose. Now, police are saying they've received unconfirmed reports the lizard is now in a nearby creek.

WROC says that the fur and half foot long monitor lizard escaped its cage when its owner was moving July 29. Officials say the animal climbed over one hundred feet up a tree as they were trying to capture it. The Attica Police Department says that the lizard might be in the Tonawanda Creek.

Police have said they're working with the New York DEC to find the escaped monitor. They also warned the public not to approach the animal for their bites can cause bacterial infections.

Speaking of reptiles, you may remember this story from November? NBC NY says that a New Hyde Park woman called 911 after finding a bearded dragon under the trash near her driveway. NBC says the lizard appeared to be catatonic, which basically means it was in an incapacitated state of hibernation. Least it wasn't a snake though? In June, ABC says  that the a resident in Deer Park discovered a large Burmese python right in their driveway. Burmese pythons are one of the largest snakes in the world and are native to Southeast Asia.

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