The working relationship between tenants and landlords can be tumultuous to say the very least.

Tenants have accused landlords of raising rent with short notice, to showing little to no interest in improving the quality of the property. There was also this case, where a landlord in Columbia County took matters into their own hands in a very dangerous manner.

Not all tenants are innocent either. Property owners have to deal with everything from tenants who trash their living space, to some who don't even bother to pay rent at all.

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Police say the following story though was clearly a case where the landlord stepped way over the line.

New York Landlord Allegedly Solicited Revealing Pics From Person For Better Rent Deal  

The New York State Police said in a press release that they responded to a dispute on the afternoon of November 1 in Whitehall, NY.

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State Police say they responded to a home for the reports of a past occurring dispute. The investigation determined the previous day that a 58-year-old landlord from Queensbury reportedly solicited the victim to provide him revealing photographs in exchange for a preferential leasing opportunity at an apartment in Dresden, NY.

Police say they arrested the man, transported him for processing, and then charged him with Coercion in the third degree.

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New York State's Most Unique Property Is For Sale

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New York State Comptroller Report on Poverty 

recent report from the States Comptroller’s Office found that New Yorkers’ poverty rates are a bit higher than the national average. In 2021, almost 2.7 million New Yorkers lived in poverty (or 13.9 percent), compared to 12.8 percent of all Americans.

According to the Office of NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, poverty is defined as a "person or household doesn’t have the financial resources to meet basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and access to a minimum standard of living."

Highest and Lowest 

Of the state's 62 counties, Bronx County had the highest poverty rate at 24.4%. Broome County was second highest at 18.4%, according to the report. Putnam tied with Nassau County for the lowest rate at 5.7%.

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