Police say an Ohio man tried to pay a NYS Thruway toll with a credit card Saturday afternoon. Of course, the tolls only takes cash or EZ-Pass, so this wasn't going to work. Another factor getting in the way here was that the 34 year-old driver was allegedly drunk.

Syracuse.com reports that when the toll booth employee picked up on this they had the driver pull over to fill out an unpaid form as they informed police that there was a possible intoxicated driver on the road.

Well, this wasn't what the driver was hoping for, so State Police say he accused drunk went back through the same toll and back on to I-90 East near Canastota. He didn't get far, as police stopped the toll-hopper and pull him over. Syracuse.com says he was taken into custody and blew a 0.25% back at the barracks, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Police say the man also had an illegal handgun in his truck.

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