Well, look at this. Valentine's isn't always the happiest day for some. For those people, it may be a day that brings back a lot of painful memories of an ex. Some organizations have had some fun with jilted lovers meaning to get back at their ex. We've heard how some of the various zoos across the country will let you name a rat or a cockroach after an ex for Valentine's Day. There's even a humane society in Kentucky that will let you donate a mear ten bucks to let a cat crap on ex's name.

But this takes it to a whole new level.

Mass Live is reporting that a police department is calling on anyone with a ex-Valentine with a warrant to report their location. What's the offer? A three night stay, dinner, and a even a "special set of bracelets". The Charlton Police Department wrote on their Facebook page, going into detail about this offer and some of the special perks:

...free transportation, a three-night stay in our luxurious 5 accommodations, Valentines happy meal dinner and a special set of bracelets.

Sounds nice! Know anyone who could benefit from this special Valentine's promotion? Mass Live says that all callers would remain anonymous. Have an ex behind on child support payments? Or maybe one that's wanted for committing even more serious crimes? This police department would love to hear all about that person.

Now, If you're still racking your brains for legit ideas for that special someone, some chains and franchises have offered special promotions for Valentine's Day over the years, for those both taken and single. Hooters used to offer free boneless chicken wings to any single person who goes to one of their locations with a photo of their ex. Then, the staff at Hooters will gladly take the photo and run it through a paper shredder while you enjoy your ten free wings. Now, if only we had some Hooters here in the Hudson Valley? You also have to wonder how this will be affected or changed all together during a pandemic? Will they show up curbside to shred your ex?

Then, you have the Denny's in Vegas. A Denny's on the Vegas strip has set up a pop-up chapel where couples can actually get married on Valentine's. They even provide an officiant, a DJ. complimentary "Wedding Pancake Puppies" with a champagne toast, and a cash bar. How romantic! Or maybe a barbeque bouquet instead? Boston Market has thrown together their special Baby Back Ribs bouquet arrangement at stores nationwide. It all cost $29.99 for this big, greasy mess of a gift that will probably drip all over your spouse or significant other anyway. But if they're up for the challenge, why not? Plus, this could easily go on any takeout menu if you're worried about dining indoors. Don't say we didn't try to help.

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