Who else is excited for the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl is like that one glimmer of hope - something to look forward to and celebrate - after a long, cold, bleak, and uneventful January. After the rush of the holidays, everything slows down, it feels dull, and the life can be sucked out of a lot of people.

Then the Super Bowl comes along and gives Americans something to come together and celebrate. It doesn't matter if you've followed along all season or not. All that matters is that you come together for some cold drinks and some great food. even if you're not a football fan to any degree, you can hopefully enjoy the commercials and the halftime show, at the very least.

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So how are you going to prepare for your feast? You have to have the right pizza for the occasion. Wings and chips are also no-brainers when it comes to what to have, but pizza is often the bedrock to any good Super Bowl party. How will you be able to properly enjoy the game without a triangle of dough smothered in sauce and cheese in your hand? Be careful not to get sauce on your favorite football jersey.


Below, we compiled a list of the top pizzerias in Putnam County according to Google Reviews. Would you agree with this list? Should another pizzeria have made it on the list? What is your favorite topping of pizza from these establishments? We want to know all your thoughts! Comment on social media, or message us through the app!

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