Watch for falling desktops? A curious Twitter user recently posted a status that has the internet a little bit confused. Were iMacs raining down upon one neighborhood in New York Friday? Did this flying Apple device that used to sit at someone's desk crush some poor pigeon on its way out someone's window? According to this social media post, it did. But who would throw a computer out the window like that?

A Twitter user named Human Mel happened to be walking in Bushwick, Brooklyn when they came upon the shattered iMac lying on the sidewalk in front of them.

"Walking in bushwick and someone's angry spouse just threw this mac out the window, killing a pigeon on the way down."

It looks like some couple had a fight over something, and that resulted in this older model iMac going airborne out a nearby window. A closer inspection of the posted pic shows the 27-inch monitor lying on top of a very unlucky pigeon. The deceased pigeon, unfortunately, got in the way of the Apple as came crashing down onto the pavement below. There also appears to be an older model flat-screen television lying near the ruined iMac, though there is no confirmation this came flying out of the same window.

While we obviously have no idea what this dispute was over, we hope the person labeled as the "angry spouse" can get a grip when it comes to their temper. It's probably not safe for people below to be walking along when you've got computers and other random heavy objects sailing down from up above.

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