A 51 year-old Pennsylvania woman is damn lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear. However, the Lycoming County woman and her trusty pet Chihuahua-mix weren't going down without a good fight.

WETM is reporting that Melinda LeBarron was out with her dog the evening of December 12 when she was suddenly attacked out of nowhere by the bear. In a terrifying ordeal, the bear dragged LeBarron about 80 yards through her property and across the road.

While most people would have already succumb in such a case, the Pennsylvania woman retaliated by repeatedly punching the bear. Her partner, who ironically is named Bear, jumped in and even bit the bear several times. 

Once her dog had the bear's attention, LaBarron threw a stick to further deter the animal. Once distracted, LaBarron and Bear made their way back to the house.

LaBarron and Bear have a long road ahead of them. Both suffered numerous cuts, bruises, and broken bones after the attack. WETM says she was in critical condition as of Friday, though her family says she is making good progress. The family has started a GoFundMe page to help with her expenses.

While many bears are already in hibernation, it is not uncommon to see some still lingering around this late into the year, according to Penn Live.

While there still are some questions about what led to this attack, it can be said with certainty that these types of encounters are extremely rare.