What is with people losing their composure over fast food orders gone wrong?

The latest incident comes from our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, and it involves cucumbers.

CBS says the confrontation happened Friday afternoon at a Wendy's in New Holland, PA when a 58 year-old man got upset because he felt there weren't enough cucumbers on the salad he had ordered. The man reportedly threw a fit by cursing out the employee and then throwing his salad in their direction.

Then he threatened to kill them. Yeah, this really happened.

If I had a gun or knife you would be the first to go!!!

All this over some cucumbers. The employee called police and when they arrived they found the sour customer in his vehicles with the windows rolled up. At first he refused to leave, but when authorities got him to roll down his window, he tried to speed off as a cop was reaching into the vehicle.

The man is currently in the Lancaster County jail and is facing a number of charges including aggravated assault, and terroristic threats. No word if they serve cucumbers at the Lancaster jail.