There’s a new feline stud in town! Meet David Hasslehoofs from Pets Alive! He came to Pets Alive with a few of his fellow cat buddies after living at a closed-up horse training center, where they worked hard to keep the place free of pests. At three years old, he has decided to retire from his job and live the rest of his life in a nice comfortable home.  

When it comes to showing people love, he takes his job VERY seriously! David will rub against your legs, jump, and climb all over you to get your attention! His favorite activity is being pet and could spend hours giving you the most love he possibly can! David will purr and trill as a sign that he’s satisfied.   

David will completely win you over with his loyalty and devotion! When you come back home from a long day of work, he will be waiting there for you to greet you with a big meow! David can be a little jealous when it comes to being with other animals, because he doesn’t want to share any of your attention! He would do best in a single-pet home, but he doesn’t mind there being more humans (more pets for him!) He really wants to be your one and only true love.   

Could you be the one he's been waiting for? David is available for adoption from Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY. For questions about David, contact them at or 845-386-9738. You can also fill out an online application and the cat adoption team will schedule an appointment for you to meet David! 

Meet David Hasslehoofs, The Coolest Cat in Town

He's sure to win you over with his cool yet loving personality!