We are obsessed with the word free. If it’s free, we can’t pass it up. Because it’s free. It costs us nothing so it would be crazy not to take it, right? Not necessarily.

I used to be one of those people that had to take advantage of anything free. Even if I had no use for it. I’m not like that anymore. If something was buy one, get one free, I couldn’t turn it down. Now I ask myself, “Do I really need two of these? Do I even really need one of these?” And often the answer is no. Sometimes at a yard sale, I’ll see a whole pile of free stuff. Do I need more stuff (junk)? Nope. Thanks, but no thanks.

I’ve got new guidelines for myself now when it comes to free. I ask myself these questions: Do I need it? Do I want it? Do I only want it because it’s free, and would I want it if it wasn’t free? Is it good for me? Is it bad for me? Do I have room for it, or will it take up precious space? After I have answered all those questions, I often find out that I would be much better off without this free item.

And that’s not to say that free stuff is always bad. Sometimes it’s useful, and if I was going to buy it eventually anyway, I’ll grab it. Concert tickets? If they’re for a band or artist I like, I’ll take them. And I’ve had and appreciated many delicious free meals, and I’m not likely to turn one down. But stuff I don’t really need or want? I’m over it.

It wasn’t easy giving up my love for free stuff, but the truth is, I don’t miss those freebies. Gone are the days when I would take something just because it’s free. How about you? Can you walk away from free?

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