Winters in the Hudson Valley have become very unpredictable, some days it's absolutely freezing and other days you don't even need a jacket to feel comfortable. Each winter season can be very harsh here and sometimes it seems like the weather can have a mind of its own. Speaking of different weather, there were some reports of strange weather happening in Orange County last night and it's not what you would expect for this time of the year.

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Canva/Google Maps
Canva/Google Maps

What odd weather was noticed in the Hudson Valley?

According to First Due Weather, loud thunder and bright lightning was spotted in the Orange County area last night. What? I love thunder and lightning because it reminds me of summer time and I always think it's a bit spooky when it rolls in. However, we usually don't get thunder and lightning during the winter season and it can be pretty rare when it happens. One of the things I miss about the summer season is a good thunderstorm, but it seems like it happened.

Did Hudson Valley residents notice the stormy weather?

Many did and they wrote on the Facebook page and shared what they noticed:

  • Tanya- "It shook my windows here in Monroe"
  • Ingrid- "We got serious thunder in Highland Mills"
  • Christopher- "My house in Goshen actually shook at 6:20"
  • Nicole- "It was loud enough to make my dog speed walk home with his tail between his legs"

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Wow, it seems like the storm was a lot stronger and many people noticed it. Did you hear thunder and lightning last night? Have you ever witnessed some strange weather in the Hudson Valley? Share your stories with us on the station app.

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