Let’s face it. Everybody loves the convenience of a drive-thru. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your car, and that’s pretty appealing. There are very few totally local drive-thrus here in the Hudson Valley, and hardly any drive-thrus at all where you can get a great burger that everybody can enjoy. Even those who don’t eat meat. So, when you can get a non-chain local drive-thru where you can get burgers for everyone, it’s like striking gold.

Moonburger Drive-Thru Burger Stop is opening this week at 5 Powells Lane in Kingston, and I’m super excited about it. Moonburger is the brainchild of 2007 Vassar graduate Jeremy Robinson-Leon. Jeremy loved the Hudson Valley so much that he moved here permanently to pursue his dreams. One of those dreams was to open a classic drive-thru burger stop imagined for now and made for everyone. Something for the mainstream that is new and exciting, and fully designed around a plant based burger. Yup, all the burgers are made of impossible meat. Moonburger believes that the most exciting burger in 2021 is made from impossible meat and that it’s so good that you will come back whether you like meat or not.    

Moonburger is not a vegan restaurant (you can get cheese on your burger), but they offer vegan options. And unlike Burger King, Moonburgers are not cooked on a grill where meat is cooked, so that's not a problem if you are vegan or vegetarian. I gave up red meat a few years back, and impossible burgers always satisfy my craving for a delicious burger. I ate meat for years, and I can’t tell the difference. The Moonburger menu is designed for both meat and non meat lovers.

Moonburger’s menu was developed by a culinary team that includes Amiel Stanek, an editor at Bon Appetit, cookbook author and food personality Alison Roman, and renowned food expert Anoop Pillarisetti. So you know the food is delicious.

Moonburger is drive thru only, but they still care about you having the perfect place to enjoy your Moonburger, so they include a sticker on your bag with a QR code you can scan for great ideas on where to enjoy your Moonburger in the Hudson Valley. It’s sort of the answer to the question on their cups which is “where to?”  Here's a Sneak Peak of some of the food.

One of a Kind Burger Drive-Thru with a Twist Open in Kingston

Some of the Food Items at Moonburger

Whether you eat meat or not, get yourself to Moonburger on Powells lane in Kingston for an amazing treat. Remember, Moonburgers are designed for everybody to enjoy, and skeptical meat eaters will be pleasantly surprised and back for more, no doubt.

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