My family has had a weird history when it comes to cars. My great grandfather used to think cars were a fad, and never bought one for him or his family. On the other end of the spectrum, my grandmother had a lead foot. We used to say that the only reason why she never got a speeding ticket was because the cops couldn't catch her. As for me, I take after my grandmother more than I do my great grandfather. Back in college, I had a reputation for speeding. Not smart, I know, and I since learned my lesson when I got two tickets within two months several years ago. Since then, I try to be responsible. Even still, you may think you are being responsible, but there is nothing more responsible than actually going the limit. I should know because I got a ticket yesterday. My first ticket in several years. Here is one of the major reasons why.

NYS 2022 Speed Week - Mover Over Initiative

Monday, August 15th began New York State's 2022 Speed Week - Mover Over Initiative. Going on from now to Sunday, August 21st, police will be targeting aggressive drivers and speeding. Nearly 1/3 of fatal car crashes in New York are as a result of speeding. The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research said that in 2021, 361 people were killed and 11,665 people were injured in New York State due to speed-related cases. During the June 2021 Speed Week Campaign, State Troopers issued just shy of 24,000 total tickets, including about 13,000 for speeding, 437 for distracted driving, and 382 violations of the Move Over Law.

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It's not just speeding that officers will be looking out for. Troopers will be watching out for distracted or impaired drivers, unbuckled seatbelts, and drivers violating New York's Move Over Law. The Move Over law states that as soon as you see lights, vests or reflectors, check traffic around, slow down, and move over if safe to do so. This ensures care when approaching or being approached by emergency vehicles.

Hiding in Plain Sight

State Troopers will be in their typical State Police vehicles, but they will also be using CITE vehicles (Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement). The CITE vehicles allow troopers to more easily identify motorists who are violating laws while driving. In other words, they will be hiding in plain sight. You probably already thought New York State police were already experts at hiding while hiding under overpasses and woods, but they have plenty of other ways to get you.

So what is there to learn from this? SLOW DOWN! Not just this week, but in general. Otherwise, you'll have to travel an hour and a half for a court hearing about a ticket you got when you were less than ten minutes away from your destination. Just saying.

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