You might have heard a great deal about how there is an unprecedented number of businesses that are looking to hire people to work, right? Then there are other businesses who have had to cut their hours here in the Hudson Valley because they just don't have enough staff to give their customers that good 'ole customer service. [brandedapppromo}

Now, what do you think would happen if you called 9-1-1 and the operator on the end of the phone told you that they couldn't send police, EMT's or firefighters to your address because they were closed because they simply had no one to work? That would go over well, right?

There is a site that keeps track of all of the emergency services openings here in the Hudson Valley. When it comes to places that need (and can train) volunteer firefighters, odds are you won't have to go any further than your local volunteer fire station or house, you might already pass them on a daily basis.

Drop-in, have a conversation with them, ask them your questions:

  • What is their job like?
  • How did they get training? How long have they been a firefighter?
  • What sort of a time commitment do you need from me on a weekly basis?
  • What other ways, do you help out in the community?

Have you already been thinking about it? Just know that fewer people have signed on to volunteer since COVID and your help would be greatly appreciated by most local towns, villages and cities.

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