Inspired by the Orlando tragedy, Sen. Chuck Schumer is advocating that the FCC allow for emergency texting.

"A single text could be a godsend that gives law enforcement the upper hand,” he said.

According to the New York Daily News, 20 counties within the state have emergency texting available, while a whopping 42 do not. Among those who are incapable of the feature, due to a lack of updated technological equipment, infrastructure, and training, are the counties including New York City and Long Island, which are the most densely populated sections of the state.

Schumer stated, "If you are involved in a dangerous situation, a robbery, there are prowlers in your home, you can't make noise, but you want to let the police know, texting can give you details. You can not just dial 9-1-1, because you can't speak, but you can tell them where you are, 'I'm hiding upstairs,' 'I'm in the bathroom.' That gives law enforcement a huge advantage."

Schumer is urging the Federal Communications Commission to take the measures necessary to ensure that such a feature is available to all New Yorkers.