Can you handle this?

New York City is known for it's bagels. And with National Bagel & Lox Day coming up this Friday, some folks are going all out,

One bagel shop in the city recently broke a world record with a two hundred and thirteen pound lox and cream cheese bagel that's got everyone talking. NBC NY says the record was broken at an event at the Acme Smoked Fish facility in Brooklyn.

Adam Caslow, who's Acme co-CEO, and Zucker’s Bagels shop founder Matt Pomerantz whipped up the giant breakfast snack.

The companies will follow the rules set forth by the Guinness Book in order to set the record, and the sandwich will be carefully constructed and weighed before it is cut and distributed to the crowd.

Quite a big crowd had gather to hear that they broke the world record after the official weigh in.