The makers of Monopoly want to continue to modernize the popular board game, and now they're letting fans have their say. 

Starting Tuesday, and running through January 31, the Monopoly Token Madness Vote will let you pick the eight pieces from a collection of more than fifty potential tokens. Along with the old traditional tokens that we've come to love like the top hat or the Scottie dog, you can vote for more modern ones like an emoji token, a desktop computer, a jet ski, or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Monopoly has been around for eighty four years, and the Hasbro board game is still one of the top toy sellers according to NBC News. 


Fans voted in 2013 during the Save Your Token campaign to drop the iron token and replace it with a cat named Hazel.

The new token lineup will be announced on March 19, which happens to be World Monopoly Day.