It takes a lot to get New Yorkers to really react to anything. They've pretty much seen it all. This particular stunt, sadly, was not enough to garner any sort of reaction from hardened subway goers.

The NY post is reporting that someone on the Brooklyn R train suddenly burst upon the loudspeaker Wednesday with this random nugget of wisdom:

The next stop is suck my d*** avenue!

This would certainly get peoples' attention in a lot of areas, but not in New York. In fact, one passenger said on Twitter that "no one even blinked". The Post even says that a film critic was on board when it happened, though their observation was pretty much the same.

No one really reacted. I looked around and no one was laughing or anything.

Our potty mouthed hero would not back down however. Soon, they'd hop right back on the mic and offer this one up:

Ninth Street, suck my d***, B****!

The Post says that another voice soon took over speaker duties after the second message. There was never any word what exactly happened. Was it a disgruntled conductor lashing out, or did a passenger somehow commandeer the mic and have at it with some vulgar humor?

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