Dutchess County residents will not be allowed to access the Walkway Over the Hudson on Monday or Tuesday.

If you're planning on heading out to get some exercise this week, don't bother making your way towards the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie; the entrances are closed.

The popular pedestrian bridge is currently undergoing major construction to widen the entranceway near Washington Street. The East Gate Plaza project is expected to more than double the size of the space above the Washington Street staircase. The gathering spot outside the Poughkeepsie gates has become a bottleneck of walkers, cyclists and groups heading out to enjoy the Walkway. The $1.5 million project includes more seating, landscaping and a new retaining wall.

In addition to the expansion of the space surrounding the east gate, a new multi-use building is being constructed that will allow groups to gather for special events. A gift shop is also being integrated into the space.

Construction work being done on Monday and Tuesday will entirely cut off the bridge from the Poughkeepsie side. Access will not be allowed from the rail trail, the Washington Street stairs or from the elevator. Those wishing to enjoy the bridge must enter from the Highland side of the bridge. Walkers who do come from the west side will be turned around before the elevator.

For those who need a pedestrian path across the river, the Walkway Over the Hudson has posted an alternate walking route that crosses the Mid Hudson Bridge. You can access the map and find out more about the construction project at the Walkway Over the Hudson website.

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