We all know those people who are somehow always late and end up holding up everything. But when one New York state woman was running late for an outgoing flight, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Given the times we live in, her approach was not wise and police said it has led to her arrest. But you have to agree, it was certainly a bold move.

WNYT says the woman was running late for her flight Monday afternoon out of Albany International Airport. When she ended up missing boarding time, WNYT says she went out through the security gate and then tried to board the plane while it was parked on the tarmac. We hear so much about flights being delayed or even diverted due to unruly passengers. This woman didn't even make it onto the airplane and was already causing problems.

Police say she was arrested and was charged with criminal trespass and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Man Wanted in the Hudson Valley Leads Police on Wild Airport Chase

This incident at the same airport back in January is like something straight out of a movie. CBS is reporting that one of the wildest police chases in recent memory ensued after a man with three active warrants allegedly robbed a local Macy's department store. Apparently, he's got quite the history, including some run-ins here in the Hudson Valley. CBS says the suspect was accused of bank robbery in the Town of Ulster as recently as May 2021.

Soon after, this brazen suspect would lead police on an insane pursuit that saw him fleeing in a vehicle that he allegedly stole from a Stewart's parking lot.

Police say it all began after the 27-year-old man from Colonie robbed a jewelry counter from a nearby Macy's. On his way out of the store, he even allegedly threatened an employee with a knife, who tried to stop him from shoplifting. Officials say the suspect hopped into the stolen sedan and attempted to getaway. When police tried to stop him, the suspect did the unthinkable by crashing the stolen vehicle through one of the fences of Albany International Airport and driving up on one of the runways.

CBS says the chase continued after he crashed through another fence on the other side of the airport, before ditching his ride at the Pepsi Beverage Company. Police say they later found him in the parking lot of another business, so his foot pursuit didn't take him too far. He was finally arrested, ending this alleged jewel heist, and attempted getaway.

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