We wait, and we wait, and we wait. And then finally...boom!  Hot weather arrives in Upstate New York!

Folks will flock to Upstate's hundreds of lakes this summer. To cool off in, enjoy time with family and friends at, and to spend long weekends camping. We offer up this list of 12 Upstate lakes to consider on your summer road trip.

First, let me explain. There are no Finger Lakes on this list. Or Lake George, Lake Placid, or Lake Champlain. These lakes always get all the attention. And deservedly so. They are big, bustling, and gorgeous lakes that we have all already been to, or will again this summer.

This list shines the spotlight on some other of the region's great lakes. Some that are smaller and could uses a little "nudge." Long Lake, Gilbert Lake, Findley Lake, Brant Lake, etc., are all deserved of a second look by vacation-goers this summer.

Sure, there are a couple of larger ones on the list, like Chautauqua Lake, Oneida Lake, and even the Great Sacandaga. But we hope you will read, learn, and then explore more about even the smallest of the lakes on our summer wish list.

Some of these lakes are small out of the way mountain lakes, others are New York State Parks. Their locations run from the New York-Vermont border, to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and out to Western New York.

All are good. And all are cool! So, go. And enjoy!

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