"Taghkanic Drug Bust on Taconic." Say that one five times fast. Well regardless of whether you could or not (I tried, and failed) this is just one of the many new releases from the New York State Police as a number of incidents have required the State Police's attention recently.

Details on Taghkanic/Tonic Drug Bust

Information on this incident was released by the State Police just before the weekend after the July 4th holiday. According to the official press release, this particular incident occurred in the days prior to America's birthday.

Google Maps
Google Maps

At approximately 7:20 pm on July 2, 2024, members of the New York State Police Community Stabilization Unit conducted a vehicle stop on the Taconic State Parkway in the Town of Taghkanic. The vehicle, a 2017 Ford Escape, was traveling northbound before Troopers stopped it for violations of the vehicle and traffic law. Upon stopping the vehicle, Troopers began an investigation.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the vehicle were two individuals that Troopers successfully identified as 37-year-old Krista A. Chadwell and 36-year-old Jerome Grandson, both of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Troopers also conducted a search at the scene and in the search found both individuals to be in possession of some very illegal narcotics.

Troopers discovered and seized approximately 28.4 grams of cocaine, 9.1 grams of heroin from Chadwell and Grandson. In addition, Troopers at the scene also discovered the pair were also in possession of more than $2300 in U.S. currency.


Massachusetts Pair Arrest Details

Following the discoveries in their investigation, the Troopers placed both Chadwell and Grandson under arrest. Both suspects were charged with the following...

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Chadwell and Grandson were later arraigned before the town of Claverack Court and then released on their own recognizance. Both are scheduled to appear in court again, though a date has not been determined as of yet.

Based on the charges, both Chadwell and Grandson are starring in the face of what could potentially be very long stints behind bars. The two-3rd-degree charges carry a maximum sentence of up to 25 years a piece, while even the misdemeanor charge carries up to 1 year if convicted.

Darrin Klimek

In addition, potential sentencing could also be impacted based on whether or not either of the two have any prior felony convictions. The possibility of also having to hefty fines could be on the table as well.

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