New York State Police are seeking help from the public in regards to a pretty personal item that was recently found.

Investigators say that some hikers found the item on a trail and then brought it to police. The problem is, there isn't' too much to go by right now. New York State police shared a pic of the item of unknown origin on their news page and are asking for your help.

The object is a burial urn, though there isn't too much other information about it. Police say that hikers found the unmarked urn on the Stone Bridge Trail in Rockefeller State Park. The park is located in Mount Pleasant, on the eastern foothills of the Hudson River in Westchester County. Police say there isn't any identifying information or scroll on the urn. The pic released by police shows a somewhat weathered golden urn that appears to have been left behind for some time. Some of the ashes can be seen coming out of the urn.

If you have information, please call the New York State Police at (845) 677-7300.

Do People Lose Urns Often? 

It can happen. A college junior received quite the shocking surprise in the mail in January. No, it wasn't a tuition bill or some embarrassing note from their parents. It was something completely different and unexpected, that was meant to be delivered to another part of the state. WBNG says this accidental experience left this poor student terrified and has led her to have some sleepless nights.

WBNG says this Binghamton University student got a mangled-looking FedEx package delivered to the dorm. But while the box may have had her name, address, and tracking number, something wasn't right. And by not right, we mean there were cremated ashes spilling out of the box. WBNG says the box containing the cracked urn and cremated ashes were meant for a family in Auburn, NY. Somehow, it arrived at the college instead. Sources say that she was able to reach out to the family, who came to collect the ashes they had been waiting on.


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