State police say a New york state man was arrested and charged with a felony after being in possession of a stolen vehicle. Officials say the incident happened Friday when a trooper were dispatched to a report of a suspicious vehicle facing the wrong direction on the road.

According to Insurance Information Institute, New York state ranked 9th in the nation for overall vehicle thefts in 2022, with 28,292 reported cases. That is a 28% increase from 2021, according to the statistics.

New York State Man Running on Empty

New York State police said in a press release that a trooper was dispatched to a report of a suspicious vehicle facing the wrong direction on East Hubbell Hill Road in the town of Middletown in Delaware County (not to be confused with the City of Middletown in Orange County).

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State police say the trooper found the pick-up truck unoccupied but discovered that the truck had been previously reported as stolen.


Authorities say that the 48-year-old suspect from Waddington returned to the scene and told the trooper on site he had run out of gas and was picked up by a passerby.  Police say they arrested the suspect and found that he was also in possession of suspected drugs. He was then transported, where he was processed, and arraigned before a judge

New York Man Drives Stolen Vehicle to Court, Busted By Ankle Monitoring Bracelet

There's a lot to take in with this headline from April 2021.

Police say that a New York state man drove a vehicle, that was reported stolen, to court. Now, if you thought that this suspect had already made a few poor decisions, keep reading. 

WNYT is reporting that the very same man ended up being found by authorities after they tracked him with the ankle monitoring bracelet he was wearing.

WNYT is saying that there had been a number of car thefts in East Greenbush that were reported before this incident, and later continued through that morning. Police are saying that the suspect drove one of those stolen vehicles to the Troy City Court. WNYT says that the ankle bracelet was part of the man's release on an unrelated charge.

New York's Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In 2022

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