You'd think you'd expect more from a honorable judge, would you? Looks like a petty local matter got very personal, causing tempers to flare and damage to be done. An act of vandalism has lead to the resignation of a justice from the Watson Town Court in Lewis County, who had held the position for over twenty years, according to the NY Post.

What caused all this? Police say he was angry for being denied medical coverage. That's when the 62 year-old judge took matters into his own hands and went after an unmanned town official by keying their vehicle, according to the Judicial Conduct Commission.

Keying someone's car is really stooping quite low. And while the exact information on the matter that lead this incident wasn't made available by officials, messing with another person's vehicle is really doing them dirty. says the incident happened in October 2020. He was caught very quickly, and plead guilty October 29 to one misdemeanor count of criminal mischief in the fourth degree. He then resigned from his position December 31, 2020, and agreed never to hold judicial office again, according to the Daily Mail. The news of the matter and the resignation just reached the press Thursday.

Engaging in vandalism is inimical to the role of a judge and undermines public confidence in the integrity of the courts.

Once again, the ugly world of politics rears its ugly head. While this man may have indeed been railed by the system over health insurance, settling matters like a juvenile is not the way to go. Well, least he didn't resort to stealing a bunch of underwear? In 2018, an East Islip judge confessed to stealing about half of his neighbor's underwear, according to ABC 13. He later claimed in his confession that he felt "urges". Yikes, that's creepy.

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