A recent study was conducted to determine the most and least diverse states, and New York was ranked as one the most diverse.

In 2020, racial diversity had been leading news reports, as protests have occurred throughout the country. These events have caused more conversations regarding racial inequality.

The United States population is a mix of races, cultures, religions, among other things. All these groups of people interact and influence one another every day throughout the country.

Some states promote diversity more than others. Wallethub, broke down the data to determine the least and most diverse states in the country. For this study, the states were compared across six different diversity categories.

Where did New York rank on the list? New York was ranked as the fifth most diverse state.  The rest of the top five in order was, California first, followed by Texas, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

Diversity in New York:

  • 18th - Income Diversity
  • 3rd - Educational-Attainment Diversity
  • 6th - Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • 5th - Linguistic Diversity
  • 20th - Worker-Class Diversity
  • 23rd - Marital-Status Diversity
  • 5th - Household-Type Diversity
  • 11th - Household-Size Diversity
  • 21st - Religious Diversity

You can view the full report on Wallethub's website.

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