This would have made quite the party. A truck full of party snacks was stopped last October in Virginia after over one hundred pounds of cocaine was discovered stashed in the truck, according to the New York Post. The haul was estimated to be worth over one million dollars. Prosecutors say a New York man has now been indicted in Supreme Court on a number of drug-related charges stemming from the incident. It appears this suspect tried to smuggle all that coke in a truck carrying various snacks such as chips and queso dip, according to authorities.

The Post says the 57-year-old suspect had worked out the deal with his cousin to drive the shipment from Texas to New York. Officials were already on to the cousins, as their phone conversations had been tapped. The truck full of coke and dip only made it so far as Raphine, Virginia, as authorities stopped the shipment and detained one of the men. Homeland Security's acting special agent had this to say:

The less-than dynamic duo allegedly thought that they could evade law enforcement by speaking in code to one another and attempting to conceal 50 kilograms of cocaine in a truck hauling snacks — but they were wrong,

The Bronx man was taken into custody January 11, according to the Post, with bail set at $300,000.

This is even worse...

In other coke-related news, it was a very unlucky day for one New York state man recently. Police say the 30-year-old suspect had already been arrested after a car accident on February 11. The suspect had a number of outstanding warrants for his arrest, according to officials. But his day was only going to get worse. says he was allegedly caught with something he shouldn't have had lodged right up a place it shouldn't have been.

A criminal complaint says the man was asked by authorities at the county jail if he had narcotics on him. He replied no. A body scan said otherwise. According to police, where was he hiding the drugs? Up his a**. The unfortunate official who had to go fishing for the contraband noted a knotted plastic baggie with "...a substantial amount of white powdery substance inside his buttocks.".

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