So, what is the biggest issue facing humanity? This could go a number of ways, as many will disagree over what problems plagues the human race the most. Perhaps, the problem is the human race. That's sort of what one New York State Assemblywoman was getting at when she tweeted that the planet simply has way too many people, according to the New York Post. Deborah Glick represents the 66th Assembly District in Lower Manhattan. Her tweet read:

World population in 1950- 2.5 billion 2015- 7.3 billion The lack of family planning Because of Religious Zealotry- has stressed the planet. Something no one wants to talk about.

While most would agree that growing population is a concern, some are taking issue with Glick's tweet. Records also indicate this is the third time in recent years she's  made remarks about overpopulation. The Associated Press says that in May 2019, Glick said that we should consider population growth to help curb pollution.

It's certainly not to say the there are an awful lot of people already. And the number are expected to keep on climbing for quite a while. But most experts agree the world's population will start to level off at some point decades from now. The U.N. Population Division expects the world population to level out by around 2100 at around 10.9 billion people. But would a government mandated limit on children born  per family ever work in the United States? Would we want to go the way that China did for so long?

And in other news from earlier this week, A Westchester woman is in some hot water over an alleged stash of phony vaccination cards found in her vehicle, The New York Daily News is reporting that a 53-year-old woman was traveling through Harrison on the afternoon of September 23 when she was initially pulled over on suspicion of the forged plates. Once pulled over, police noticed a stash of 21 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in her vehicle, according to the Daily News.

The Westchester County District Attorney says the woman was charged Tuesday in Harrison Town Court with five counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

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