We're pretty much bombarded from early November until the end of the year with a non stop wall of Christmas sound. Sometimes it's just a bit too much.

The past two years gave some a "pass" of sorts when it came to early decorating and overall holiday cheer. Many were working from home, while the COVID restrictions kept many aspects of everyday life contained. They weren't always the best of times, so many decided to go full Christmas as soon as they could.

But now, most of that is behind us.

Worst Christmas/Holiday Songs?

We give you the 15 worst Christmas songs of all time, according to Buzzfeed. At least one of these songs is going to cause you to snap. Of course, these online lists are so subjective. The list here appears to be some of the more recent Christmas hits (or misses).

How about some of the all time worst classics that you hear every year? After all, they pretty much wheel Mariah Carey out from wherever she's hiding by late November every year, and start playing that god damn All I Want for Xmas song every other hour.

Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime is another droning dud that feels like it's never going to end. Funny how the very same man who once wrote classics like Helter Skelter, Yesterday, Let It Be, and Hey Jude gave us this?

But then there's some songs that draw heat that are either too silly or harmless to really take that seriously. Grandma Got Ran over By A Reindeer? I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa? Alvin and the Chipmunks? Then, you have an apparent lack of appreciation for non English speaking cultures trying to celebrate Christmas. Feliz Navidad? Trust us, we've heard worse.

What's you pick for worst of all time?

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