Monday morning brought somewhat warmer and more humid weather to the Hudson Valley than what we saw last week. Forecasts say that the cooler nights and dry air might be on its way out, with more summer-like weather settling in.

Aside from some brief scattered thunderstorms last week, the Canadian fires and smoke-filled skies are what dominated the headlines across the area. But it's also been very dry over the past month, according to forecasters.

Early Stage Drought?

Hudson Valley Weather says that over the last 60 days, Poughkeepsie has seen only around 5.35 inches of rain. This puts the area around 3.5 inches below the average  of 8.80 inches, according to HVW. Meteorologists says that this considered Abnormally Dry, and is one of the first stages of what could become a drought.

But forecasters say this could change.

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast

Hudson Valley Weather says that rain should arrive Monday afternoon and last through early Tuesday. HVW says that some of the models are averaging .25 to .75 inches of rainfall by Tuesday for the area. Forecasters are calling this a "steady, multi-hour rainfall", which will hopefully provide some much needed relief.

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Showers and thunderstorms will arrive again by Wednesday, and this could lead to even more rain by late week. HVW says that over next 10 days, another 1 to 2 inches of rain could fall across the region.

Forecasters say that the European models are even calling for a total of 3 to 5 inches of rain.

Temperatures should reach the 70s by day and drop into the 50s by night for the week ahead.

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