You've probably heard of the Florida challenge, where you Google "Florida Man" (or woman), and then your date of birth, and then gaze in astonishment at some of the insane stories that come back.

So, when the story broke about three women who allegedly lead Florida troopers on a high speed chase while nude, well, it wasn't a surprise. What may be a surprise though is that these women have local ties here in the Hudson Valley.

Naked Woman From Kingston Invade Florida 

The Daily Freeman is reporting that all three women involved were born in Kingston, and that two still have Kingston addresses.

NY Upstate is reporting that police in Pasco County were dispatched to a rest area where they found the three naked women.

Their Excuse?

They claim had just showered and were "air drying". As an officer went to investigate they allegedly took off in their Nissan Sentra.

The chase was called off, but then resumed again after a citizen said they saw the naked entourage driving on the wrong side of the road.

The whole fiasco eventually ended after officials used spike strips to deflate their tires, and then were finally able to make the arrest. The NY Daily News says the three were tasered, taken into custody and sent to the Pasco County Jail.

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