Hey, he's got a reputation to protect!

New York Upstate is reporting that a 43 year-old man from Wayne County bought anywhere from nine hundred to one thousand copies of the Times of Wayne County after being busted for DWI.

New York State Police say they pulled over the Newark, NY man Thursday night on Route 31 after he was seen driving erratically. He was arrested after failing several field sobriety tests.

As you know, news certainly can travel fast in some smaller communities. This man was obviously aware of this, as police say he was adamant that he didn't want to be in the local newspaper. The man would not give a breath sample or let troopers fingerprint him, according to authorities.

Well, the news reached Times editor and owner Ron Holdraker. Several Wanye County store clerks informed Holdraker they saw the man purchasing hundreds of copies of the newspaper over the weekend. Holdraker estimates he may have bought as many as a thousand copies.

That's certainly going to cost quite a lot. How much? According to Holdraker, who says a copy of the paper is $1.25, about $1,125.

Does he realize a lot of people have online subscriptions nowadays?

Yikes! Hope he saved some of his money, cause he's going to have some legal fees coming his way pretty soon. According to police, not only is he being charged with DWI, but also with second-degree obstructing governmental administration.