An odd looking Easter Bunny is popping up at various gas stations, giving fuel to unsuspecting customers.

You never know what you'll find once the snow melts in Spring. Here in the Hudson Valley the warmer weather has brought out a strange human-sized bunny that is filling up residents' gas tanks.

The "Meatster Bunny" is appearing at random gas stations throughout the Hudson Valley every Wednesday morning. Instead of chocolates and jellybeans, however, he's handing out free gas cards.

It's all part of WPDH's April Fuels promotion that has become a tradition on The Boris & Robyn Show. Over the years we've given out thousands of dollars in free gas, and this year we want you to get some.

Just tune in to 101.5 WPDH every Wednesday morning to find out where the Meatster Bunny has hopped to. When you get there, make sure you know the code word to get your free gas. We'll have the word posted on our Facebook page first thing in the morning.

Then, just arrive at the gas station, tell the bunny the secret word and he'll hand you a free gas card while supplies last.

Happy April Fuels, Hopefully we'll be seeing you at a gas station around town very soon.