The new theme on My Lost Treasure is holiday songs that aren't holiday songs. Songs with something in the title that reminds us of the holidays. Like colors. Red or green for Christmas, blue or white for Chanukah. Candles, lights, trees. Today is a double. The color red and angels.

We used to play a lot of Elvis Costello on WPDH. Not so much anymore. I'm a big fan, so it's disappointing to me that not as many people get to hear him these days. Even though I am a fan, I have only seen Elvis Costello once. But it was great. It was at UPAC in Kingston, so it was close to home. And UPAC is such an awesome venue. And Elvis outdid himself. Lots of songs, and lots of personality.

If you have an idea for a holiday song that's not meant to be a holiday song, then drop me a line at or on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News