It was this week back in 1980 that Elton John put on a show for 400,000 people at New York City's Central Park. September 13, 1980 to be exact. The concert was memorable not only for the music, but also for the fact that Elton was wearing a Donald Duck Costume.

Elton John is famous. Really famous. So he can wear whatever he damn well pleases. But to be honest, I'd rather not see the Donald Duck costume. For some reason, at least for me, it takes away from the music. And I do love his music. Today I am featuring one of my favorite Elton John songs. No costumes. Just great music.

Recently Elton announced that he would be doing his final tour so he could spend more time enjoying his family. He's calling it the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. I've never seen him live, so maybe this time around. Maybe not. Either way, I'll be listening to his music.

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